Serving the historic Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove, IL, the members of the Tivoli Stage Crew provide technical support for community and professional live stage shows.
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Tour: Control Booth

Tivoli Stage Crew

Created in 2003, the control booth is the modern area for

controlling lighting and sound for live events. One row of seats

was lost but this area is necessary for modern shows. It contains

the sound mixing equipment, plus the modern electronic stage

lighting dimming system. Computers are included for various

functions. 1 to 3 crew members occupy this area during a live

show depending upon the technical requirements. When not in

use it is covered to keep it secure and clean.

Sound engineer’s position with

Soundcraft Si Performer 3 digital mixer

The amplifier rack is on stage right, adjacent to

the lightboard. It contains the amplifiers for

the live sound system (4 amplifiers, dual

channel 300 watts each), plus all the DMX

lighting patch panel and switching equipment.

The rack also contains networking equipment

plus the audio patch bay for the sound system.

Lighting operator’s position with ETC

Colorsource DMX Controller

Views from Aisle 2 (left) and

the Center Aisle (right)