Serving the historic Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove, IL, the members of the Tivoli Stage Crew provide technical support for community and professional live stage shows.
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Tour: Inside The Dome

Tivoli Stage Crew

Looking from the stage back

toward the dome you can

see the ports behind which

are the spotlights for the

stage and organ. Inside the

attic there is a spiderweb of

catwalks and plaster

supports hung from a

massive iron truss system.

These iron trusses, not

common in 1928, are

fortunate for us because it allows

touring shows to hang heavy

lighting and sound gear from them


As part of the 2017-2018 lighting

system modernization, (4) high

intensity “moving head” spots are

now installed in the dome. These

spots can change their aiming point

onstage, their color, and even add

patterns all via remote control on the

modern DMX lighting console in the

control booth. The spots are sitting

on the wood platforms in this photo.

View from inside the dome

showing the round colored

lamps that illuminate it. There

are 155 lamps in 3 colors.

A spotlight over the organ

The backside of the dome

The Dome. The catwalks encircle the

dome completely, for maintenance


Removable metal plates allow access

to the lamps for maintenance. These

are spaced every couple of feet.

Winches are used to lower the

chandeliers for re-lamping and