Serving the historic Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove, IL, the members of the Tivoli Stage Crew provide technical support for community and professional live stage shows.
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Gallery; An Ongoing Photo Collection

Tivoli Stage Crew
Current Stage Crew Roster Steven Margison, Technical Director
From Left (joined year): Bryon Lucero (2016) Len Paruszkiewicz (2008) Deb Garner (2002, retired) Pat Garner (2002) Mike Leaich (2008) Jackie Paruszkiewicz (2011) Nancee Margison (2006) Steven Margison (1989)
A Few Exciting Guests
Dick Van Dyke
5 Original Mousketeers (with a few guests)
Some performer with a commercial for some insurance company
Dan Brown launched his book “Origins” from the Tivoli in 2017
Same commercial, different cartoon character
Mike making a new friend, probably asking for a discount…..
It’s Not So Much A Job As An Obsession
Nancee likes to run our follow spot named “Frank” (enstein)
“And I nailed that cue right on time!”
Running a 1928 mechanical lightboard takes agility
Steve, just being Steve
Moving speakers to clear the stage for a live show.
Retired crew member Rick Hessel with 4 Emmys from his NBC-TV career
Rick conducting one of our behind-the-scenes tours
Lines were around the block waiting for one of our public tours
Our largest dressing area ready for a special guest artist
Bryon helping an actress with her costume. We do whatever is needed.
Nancee runs lights; old style.
Nancee runs lights; new style.
And so does Len!
What the sound engineer sees from the control booth.
I’m so proud of my crew! - steve -
Jackie runs lights; old style. She does new style, too!
Unfortunately, many professionals do not wish to have photos posted.