Serving the historic Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove, IL, the members of the Tivoli Stage Crew provide technical support for community and professional live stage shows.
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Tour: Projection Booth

Tivoli Stage Crew

The lifeblood of the Tivoli is, and

always has been, movies. For over

3 decades the Tivoli has

maintained cutting edge

technology for exhibiting films,

including 70mm film and 3D, along

with state-of-the-art Dolby Digital

sound. At present our projector is

a Christie 4K digital projector,

double the size of a car engine. It

has the power to throw a high

definition image, 40 feet wide, 120

feet to the screen. For business

meetings it can accept input from

a laptop. (Think about playing

“Call Of Duty” on a 40 foot wide


Not to be outdone by the

projector, our sound system is

the latest DataSat audio system,

capable of Dolby 11.1 sound.

These racks contain the sound

equipment, plus the on-screen

pre-show programming which

arrives via satellite.

To manage the digital

content, which can arrive

either via satellite or

secure hard disks,

requires a sophisticated

network server system.

The Tivoli is unique in that it still

has the older 35mm film

equipment, due to the necessity of

occasionally playing old or special

films. The Tivoli is one of the last

theatres in the area that still

retains functional 35mm

equipment. The projector uses a

platter system which feeds an

entire movie through the

projector, eliminating the need for

the old 2-reel projector system

that dates to the early days of film.

Access to the attic space is via a ladder from the projection

booth into the attic. The attic and dome are covered in the

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