The amplifiers are on stage in a rack near the lightboard, and consist of (4) dual channel 300 watt/channel ElectroVoice amps plus onstage and dressing room amplifiers.  The rack also contains the patch panel for all inputs and outputs at the stage.
The foundation of the booth was laid by the construction department of Tivoli Enterprises (Thanks Eddy!!), but the rest of the booth was  built and wired by members of the Tivoli Stage Crew.  To say the least, this is our pride and joy.
Completed in December, 2006, the sound booth is located at the rear of the house between the center aisle and aisle 2.  Intended for both lighting and sound control, it only houses sound control at present.  The mixer was upgraded in November, 2013, to a Soundcraft Si Performer 3 Digital Console.   The system is capable of running either live shows or recording sessions, or also recording a live show in progress using a digital recorder.  The system is state-of-the-art, even allowing operation remotely from an iPad!
Sound Booth
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